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What are the Advantages of Engineered Products Verses Solid Products?

Engineered floors have a great advantage over solid wood products because they work for every room of your home.  They are ideal for remodeling because they are easy to install and most of the wood products are cost effective.
Because of their cross directional construction, engineered floors counteract solid woods natural tendency to expand and contract making them more stable.
Installation is easier because they can be "floated, glued or stapled down.

What is the Best Installation Method?

Installation methods depend on the type of flooring you have chosen, the type of subfloor and the location the hardwoods will be placed. 
The three types of installation are nail down, glue down and floating. 
We can help you determine the best method for your situation.

In What Rooms Can I Install a Wood Floor?

Any room works well for wood flooring, except full baths, where the wood is more susceptible to water spills.
The most important thing to consider is if the flooring will be installed on, above or below grade.  Solid hardwoods are not a good choice for basements or areas with potential moisture problems, where engineered flooring will work just fine.
Always consult with a professional regarding your options. 

What about Installing in High Traffic Areas?

High traffic areas using consist of exterior doorways, mud rooms, hallways and kitchens.  Urethane finishes on most new flooring stands up to daily wear and tear, water and high traffic areas.
Place small rugs or mats just inside exterior doorways, wearing only soft heeled shoes or no shoes inside. Area rugs and routine vacuuming will also help keep floors from being damaged in high traffic areas.

My Home has an In-Floor Radiant System. Which Floor Species is Best to Install?

Engineered hardwoods are a great option for homes with in-floor radiant systems.  Engineered hardwoods are manufactured to sustain variations in tempurature and are installed by floating them above the structures subfloor.
It is important to remember that the temperature of your in-floor radiant system should not exceed 80 degrees under your wood flooring.
Other species that are compatible with in-floor radiant systems include oak, ash and merbau. 
We do not recommend that you use maple or pecan in these circumstances.

What Installation Method is Best?

The installation method used will be determined by product purchased, location it is to be installed and the type of subfloor.  There are three installation types used for hard wood flooring, glue down, floating and nail down.
In some instances, floating wood floors can be installed over the existing flooring eliminating time and mess.
We can help you determine the appropriate installation method according to your particular situation.

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