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The Benefits of Choosing Wood Flooring for Your Home

Wood Flooring is an affordable product that can last a lifetime in your home.  It’s natural beauty and durability offers home owners easy maintenance and sustainability.  It’s the best choice for not only the world’s environment but the health and environment of your home.

Create A Healthier Home Environment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, wood flooring greatly reduces the number of dust, allergens, chemical residues and mold in your home.
Hard surface wood floors help to create cleaner indoor air quality by keeping these common household irritants from accumulating like they would on ordinary floor coverings like carpet.
A recent study by the EPA, found that common garden and home pesticides accumulate on the floors and surfaces of your home.  By having hard surface wood flooring, your home is automatically reduced of these toxins.


Wood flooring is a lifetime product which increases in value as your home does.  Hard wood floors are a sought after amenity to most home buyers in the market today. 
They provide a good investment, are easy to install and come in many environmentally sustainable wood varieties offering all types of budgets a great selection to choose from.

Environmentally Sustainable Product

Wood flooring comes from a renewable resource.  As we move toward a more earth conscious way of living, wood floors are an appropriate addition to a more earth friendly home.
In fact according to the U.S. Forest Service, modern timber harvesting practices replenish twice as much hardwood timber into new growth than is harvested every year.

Easy To Maintain

Routine maintenance of your hard wood floor requires little more than sweeping with a soft bristle broom, a soft floor vacuum and professional wood cleaning polish. 
For a more detailed guide to long term/preventative care for your wood floor please see our Floor Care page.

More Selection and Variety

Wood Flooring comes in many varieties and colors to fit every home owner's budget and style.
Kips Hardwood Flooring currently has these varieties available:

Kip's Hardwood Floors of Portland, Oregon specializes in hardwood floor refinishing and installation for Oregon and Washington.

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